rent speakers for party near me

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rent speakers for party near me

TECHNORENT provides Audio visual equipment & event technology services to businesses, organizations, agencies and meeting planners across Bangalore


  • Business Meetings

Meetings need proper planning and organization. What they also require is the right type of equipment. Frequently, businesses don’t have all the equipment they need in-house and a great strategy for a flawless meeting is to rent meeting equipment.

Either it’s a small interactive presentation with only 5 members in a meeting or a large presentation with the entire team present in the hall TECHNORENT provides necessary equipment including projectors, screens and audio equipment for rent in Bangalore exactly to meet any requirement of the meeting.


  • Special events & product launches

Renting IT and audio visual equipment can allow a company to not have to invest heavily and still wow the crowd with some fancy equipment and putting on a creative digital show.

You can rent touch screen monitors, smart boards to allow your crowd to interact with the company during the event and better yet you can set up interactive video walls to create a lasting impression.

TECHNORENT provides best quality video walls, smart boards for rent in Bangalore at competitive price.


  • Political events, Campaign

Organizing a campaign or a political event?? In that case, renting the equipment rather than outright buying may be an excellent option. This can protect you from making large capital investments in equipment that it will rarely use and where the return on investment (ROI) will be extremely low.

TECHNORENT rents high resolution projectors and PA systems by which you can project any event flawless and in a very less cost.



  • Movie night with friends

A projector rental is a great way to bring your friends and family together for a fun filled movie night. Going to theater can be fun, but having the theater in your own home is even better. Local theatres can be overly crowded, sold out, or noisy (especially for children movies).

With the high cost of going out to the movies these days, it’s a viable option to rent a projector specifically for an exciting night of movie entertainment with friends & family. Rent a new movie, get a bowl of popcorn, grab a seat and enjoy the show!

Rent movie projectors in Bangalore at a very less cost with TECHNORENT.


  • Sporting Event Projector Rentals

A rental can allow you to enjoy the game in the comfort of your own home, without having to bother with large crowds and high-priced tickets and refreshments.

Whether it’s just a IPL game or a big soccer finale, you can witness every exciting moment with your buddies.




  • Projector Rentals by Application

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