Yamaha Audio Mixer – MG 16 XU

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This Audio mixer is suitable for suitable for a diverse range of users and applications. For installed, recording, or live music settings, the solid construction and flexible design of these consoles lets you shape your sound with confidence, continually delivering peak performance and a level of sound quality and reliability in its class.



  • 16-channel mixing console
  • Max. 10 Mic/16 line inputs (8 mono + 4 stereo)
  • 4 Group Buses + 1 Stereo Bus
  • 4 AUX (incl. FX)
  • “D-PRE” mic preamps with an inverted Darlington circuit

Fully Loaded Mixer for the Studio and Stage!

The Yamaha MG16XU analog mixer is well-suited for portable rigs or permanent installations, with its rich features and outstanding sound quality.

The MG16XU’s quality op-amp. So your mix sounds transparent and articulate.

The MG16XU’s crystal clear D-PRE preamps will squeeze every drop of tone from your mics, with natural-sounding bass and smooth highs.

Because of its state-of-the-art features from Yamaha’s high-end consoles, the MG16XU is ready to work for you!