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Rent v/s Buy

When does it make sense for your organization to Rent audio visual equipment versus buying it? Many organizations are wrestling with this very prospect.

Here are few scenarios where renting Audio Visual Equipment makes more sense than buying Audio Visual Equipment.

You Don’t have the necessary cash: One of the main contributing factor for rental of AV Equipment instead of buying is the money. Resources are always limited. When the funds are low, it’s always better to look at the rental option. You will be able to conduct all the projects without draining the account for necessary AV Equipment.

You are just starting your business: Just like any other start-ups, it can take lot of time and money to build a company from the scratch. Even if you do have lot of money to buy all the equipment needed, it can be a huge burden on the working capital. So rental of audio and visual equipment would be a better option in these scenarios.

Specialized Needs: You cannot buy each and every Audio Visual Equipment. Sometimes there will be specialized needs. May be one of your clients wants a chromecast to be setup, the other might want a video conferencing facility. You shouldn’t have to buy whole bunch of equipment to meet one client’s expectation. Rental is better in these scenarios.

Experience is limited: Different types of equipment will work differently. Hiring a bunch of people to handle different equipment is not economically feasible.

Instead, renting gives you the chance to test the waters with different items at a fraction of the price of buying them. It makes sense to rent a few different pieces of equipment for your productions to get a feel for their capabilities, and determine which works best for you.

So the bottom line

There are clearly a bunch of scenarios where renting your audio Audio & Video Equipment Rental makes a lot more sense than buying it. There are literally dozens of reasons why you should choose to rent your equipment.

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