Video Conferencing – Small Room – VC5100

Customized / 12 Hours

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Ultimate office conference system with HD PTZ Camera

VC-5100 Video Conferencing System including Expansion Mics – Small to Medium-Sized Meeting Rooms – HD PTZ Camera & Conference Speaker

The VC-5100, video conferencing solution is for small to medium-sized meeting rooms (4-8 People), delivers high quality HD Video with crystal clear audio, allowing any meeting place to be a video collaboration space. (40-60 Sq Mtr Rooms)

With advanced features Like acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction technology, and intuitive controls, it’s easier than ever to include everyone in the conversation.

How to use?

Simply connect to any computer or Laptop through USB and you’re good to go. (Our Team will take care of the connections)





  • HD PTZ Camera on Tripod mount
  • Conference Speaker with Microphones
  • Expansion Microphone (2 Pcs)
  • Connector Hub
  • Remote Control
  • Accessories (Cables & Other required Accessories)



High Definition Video

  1. Field of view: 83 Degree field of view with mechanical 250 degree pan and 60 degree tilt, remote controllable
  2. HD Video Quality: HD 1080p at 60 fps bring life-like conference calls.
  3. 10X Lassless HD Zoom : Razor sharp close-ups of objects and whiteboard content

Natural Sounding Audio

  1. Full Duplex System: Everyone can hear and be heard in sound that's crisp & Clear
  2. Spacious Audio: Participants can converse within a 6m/20-ft diameter
  3. Beam Forming Mics: 12 Uni directional mics with 360 Degree /6m coverage